What is BaZing?

Powered by your checking account, BaZing saves you money with over 300,000 national, regional and local merchant discounts. Want to save money on an oil change? BaZing! On your next vacation? BaZing! When you buy eyeglasses? BaZing!

Plus BaZing protects your hard-earned money when you’re not spending it. With its industry leading ID ProtectALL® identity theft protection and insurance, you and your family are covered in case something unexpected happens to you.

For more information on BaZing, please contact your financial institution or give us a call at 855-822-9464 (855-UBAZING).

About the BaZing [buh zing] Name: According to historians, BaZing originated when a checking customer blurted it out after saving over $100 on the purchase of a big screen TV due to his checking account (combining Bank and Savings). Other historians state it is a shortening of the term Big Awesome Savings, repeatedly chanted from bargain hunting checking customers. So as not to be burdened by constantly expressing this three word, polysyllabic chant and  gaining more time to shop and save, BaZing was born. Either historical reference is convincing since BaZing is revolutionizing what benefits a checking account delivers. Just like BaZing explodes when you say it, it also explodes the myth that all checking accounts are alike.